6 Tips To Have A Smooth Overnight Bus Ride

Bus rides have become common these days and people started to prefer travelling in buses than train as bus provides with privacy and more comfort. Buses have started to revolutionise the travel industry. From party bus hire Melbourne to airline crew and transport in Melbourne industry uses more of bus facilities than any other transport medium.
Although just rides are enjoyed more than another travel medium, they do have certain drawbacks too. Here, are some tips to overcome and enjoy a long overnight bus ride

  • Get seat early

Nobody wants to sit near the toilet side of the bus. You can travel to the bus station and can choose the seat from an empty bus. You might lose an hour in the city; however, it is worth it.

  • Dress comfortably

You might start getting all sweaty by the time you reach your destination, but travelling overnight in an air-conditioned bus will be difficult if you do not have the right set of clothes. Hence pack a warm jumper, a scarf and a pair of jeans. Make sure you are boarding the bus wearing shorts.

  • Stock up with eatables

Most of the bus rides such as Party Bus Hire Melbourne will have plenty of snack stops. This won’t be the same for a commercial travel bus. Sometimes there won’t be any stop for eating. Hence, think ahead and plan. You will also not know if the bus stops in a place where it will be hygienic. Variety in food is also a concern.

  • Be cautious of the late night stop

When the bus stops at midnight for the loo break, make sure you take your valuables along with you. Ensure you board the right bus and always keep an eye on your bus.

  • Avoid the noise

This is the must-have item before your board for a bus journey. The noise from the bus radio, engine, squeaking brakes, ringing phones, outside noises, other passenger conversations are the ones which might ruin your ride. Hence earplugs can be a good investment and is a must to get away from all the noises. People use earplugs even in the quietest place such as airline crew and transport in Melbourne. Noise during travel can impact your journey.

  • Know the estimated time of arrival

Even though the bus announces of its upcoming stops, its not certain that you will always hear it. Hence, open your GPS when you are little away from your stop. You can also work out the next steps such as hiring a cab to your destination or finding an eatery nearby.

Ways To Kill Time Inside Party Bus Obviously Without Drinking

We usually commute to parties through train, bus or bike. A party bus is a vehicle which picks all of your friends, other party enthusiasts and drops them without the hassle of any travel.

Party bus hire ensures your safety and security by allowing you to party to your fullest without any travel hindrances.

Let’s leave the drinks aside for a while. Since party bus hire picks all of your friends you will have lots of time to kill. We are here to help you kill the time without even drinking.

The following are some of the amazing ways to kill time while inside a party bus.

Cardboard and trivia games

Board and trivia games are a fun way to kill time. This is also a fun way to meet new people and engage with them. You can also play the online version of these games if the tables are not available on the bus.

Dance all the way

Who said you can only dance on the party dance floor? You can start with a mild none leg movement dance inside the bus keeping in mind of your safety. Keep a playlist for dancing and plan ahead and ask the driver to play it.

Sing, sing and sing

This is one of the favourite things to do for all the people in party bus hire. You can have a karaoke contest splitting the team into two or four depending upon the number of people.

Other activities include mimicry, dumb charades and heads up game.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Going On A Winery Tour

It is a great time of the year to visit your favourite winery. Nothing excites us more than a full-bodied taste of red wine in this cool and crisp weather. You can be a newbie in a wine tasting or a veteran, we have put up some tips to make your day the most.

Choosing the time of the year
Winery tour is the busiest during the summer and autumn seasons. It’s best to start early during these seasons to avoid the afternoon rush. Winter and Spring are the optimum seasons to have more personal experience and to enjoy the tour without any rush.

A box to go
Since u will be tasting a lot of wines, you will like some of those you taste, hence take a cardboard box with you to keep the wine bottle while travelling so they don’t roll around the way back to your home.

Designated Driver
Since you will be travelling a lot and drinking it is important to hire a driver who is sober and does not participate in the winery tour.

How to taste wine
If you are a newbie, you need to know how to taste wine before going on a winery tour. The process of wine tasting is swirl, see, smell, sip, savour and select. Wine tasting is not about drinking the wine, it is more about absorbing the full characteristics of a wine.

Buy only if you really want it
You do not have to feel pressurized if you did not end up buying a bottle of wine after the tour. The important thing is to absorb the experience by learning about the grape-growing process and enjoying the sights, sound and taste of the day. However, if you really like a wine, by all means, purchase away and store it carefully.

Tips To Make Bus Trips Comfortable

How many of you like road trips? Most of us right? Now, how many of you like bus trips? Not many?
This is because after bus trips, we become tired of doing nothing and being idle without any movement in our body. Well, not anymore. We will give you the best guide on how to take a bus trip like a pro while enjoying the trip.

Not a nature lover? Take the midnight bus
Taking an overnight bus will save you a lot of time. You will be sleeping in the night, why not make sure of night sleep in the bus where you won’t even know where your travel time disappeared.

Pack light
There is no fun in traveling if you have to bear lots of weight in your back. You will become tired in case you are traveling by more than one bus to reach the destination. Some buses like winery tour Melbourne might also have a baggage limit.

Blanket and neck pillow
Take a neck pillow with you as neck pain from traveling can be a common problem. With a neck pillow you will have a comfortable sleep. Some bus services like the winery tour give neck pillow to its customers.

Not always you can expect a silent crowd, especially if you are travelling in winery tour Melbourne. People tend to get chatty and it might disturb you. Hence, always carry an earplug and an earphone to get some privacy.

Other things to keep in mind
-Bring Snacks, tissues and water bottle
-Remove shoes for maximum comfort
-Stretch every now and then

Things to be considered while hiring a party bus

Hiring a Party bus for all night of fun and party is actually a trend among youth. Party buses are not just fun on wheels but also a way to overcome tiredness of the working days. Because the party in moving buses is such a trend, you don’t want to keep on delaying the party bus hire. One should keep the following things in the mind if they want a party bus hire in Melbourne.

Value for money: Choose a party bus that gives you value for money. Don’t just go and book any bus that you find at a glance. Make sure you go through different buses and compare the price and facilities before deciding which of the party bus hire, Melbourne you want to invest in.

Look for comfort: While looking for a party bus hire, make sure you pay attention to the comfort of the people who are going to attend the party in the bus. Before hiring a bus, go and thoroughly check the interiors of the bus and see if that meet your demands.

Refreshment in the bus: The Party buses are hired for about eight hours straight. So, it is natural for people to get hungry and look for refreshments inside the bus. Make sure you have made arrangements of foods and drinks inside the bus so as to avoid stopping on the way for snacks.

It is fun to rent a party bus and enjoy the trip but make sure to keep in mind the above given pointers while booking a party bus.